Single and Loving It

Yes I’m Single and You’ll Have to Be Amazing To Change That

It seems that ever since there have been males and females walking the earth that they all try to find their perfect mates and pair up. Even in the time of cave men and women, there were couples that hooked up and became mates. As time went on, girls were married off as young as 13 or 14 years old, usually because of the short life expectancy of the era. That gradually turned the ages for getting married into later ones. Now, it seems that even 25 year olds may not be mature enough for that type of a commitment. 

Something else that’s become a bit of a trend is the amount of people that remain single simply because they want to be. This is starting to be much more common than anyone would think. No one really knows the reason for it, but there doesn’t seem to be just one reason, either. Instead, if you ask someone why they’re single, it’s common to get a variety of reasons. 

One of the biggest causes of choosing to be single has to do with careers. Women as well as men are involved in high level and hugely busy careers these days, and often there’s just not time to maintain a relationship. These people generally prefer to go out with friends and spend time with their families rather than become heavily involved romantically with someone. They will say that their careers take up too much time for them to devote themselves to building a relationship. Maybe, once they slow down a bit or change careers, they’ll get more serious about finding a partner. But at the moment, their careers are their lives.

Another reason for choosing to remain single is that some people just don’t like being tied down to only one person. They like their freedom and the fact that they don’t have to answer to anyone. These are the people that just like being on their own. They like being able to come and go when they want, and make their own plans without having to consult anyone else. It’s this attitude that keeps them single and happy about it. 

Many people simply don’t wish to be legally tied to another person. When you marry someone, you take on any credit or legal issues they may have. This is particularly true when it comes to debt and credit problems. If your name is tied to that person, anytime your credit is checked for anything, it’s very possible that your partner’s credit problems will also surface. You may want to check into such things as these when you’re considering a serious relationship with someone. 

These aren’t the only reasons that people choose to remain single, by far. However, they are the top ones. If you’re a part of the population that enjoys the single life, don’t feel guilty about it. Yes, your parents may be hoping for grandchildren one day, but it’s your life and not theirs. They’ve already made their choices. Now it’s your turn to make yours.

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